Medical Practice Management Program

Custom designed in-office & web based tool to increase your medical practice’s productivity & accountability while increasing marketability & profitability.

As a medical provider do you ever just cross your fingers and hope that your medical office will run smoothly?! Well, you're not alone!

Phones going unanswered, patients not being called back, charts missing information, prior authorizations not done, patient no show’s at a record high, not collecting co-payments or verifying insurance, are just some of the complaints we’ve heard & quickly fixed with the MMpiHer Method.

Give us 3 months...
and we’ll Grow your Empire into a lifetime of success!

"Three months? But I just need to update my website!"

This a common response from many medical providers

Top Reasons a Patient Leaves the Practice:

  • Staff was unhappy, disgruntled, rude or dismissive to the patient
  • Medical Assistants did not call patients back in timely manner
  • Front office did not answer, patient could not schedule appointment
  • Wait time was too long to see the provider

MMpiHer Method works when our team can make the necessary series of changes to your entire team. MMpiHer Method includes MMpiHer in the Middle, MMpiHer Marketing, and MMpiHer Money for maximum sustainable success.


I can't afford to send my clients to my competition, can you?


This program will not work for every Medical Practice.

  1. Must want to remain in Private Practice and be thinking about adding additional providers & possible locations
  2. Must be willing to engage in 3 month contract (it’s free!*)
  3. Must be willing to check your ego at the door-Our only goal is to Grow your Empire.

MMpiHer in the Middle

"Where we fit in!"

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MMpiHer Marketing

"Easy as CAKE!"

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MMpiHer Money

"Growing your Empire!"

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